The fastest site loading speeds for your visitors who reside in USA, Canada and Latin America

If your primary memory–hungry multi–media websites will be made chiefly for customers from USA, Canada and also Latin America, in that case our USA based data center can offer an ideal virtual hosting solution for you. The Steadfast data center can be found in downtown Chicago and serves quite a few of the most significant telecom service providers in the U.S.A.. It provides full redundancy in power and network connectivity therefore it is simply irreplaceable for hosting your demanding web sites and web applications.

Utilizing the USA Based Linux Virtual Private Servers option is simple and easy. Just choose the configuration you wish, choosing from an array of VPS solutions on our site after which opt for the USA based data center on the order form. Our administrators are going to put together the server for you at the USA based data center totally free and will be on–site 24x7 to guarantee a 99.9% network uptime. In addition, they’ll perform every–week off–site backups of your respective VPS to ensure your info is kept safe constantly.

Other US Hosting Services

We offer a lot more with our USA based data center additionally to Virtual Private Servers. We’ve got USA Based Shared Hosting packages as well as USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Servers providing a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. We have got USA Based Linux Dedicated Hosting Servers, which provide unexcelled hosting power and which can accommodate virtually any web site. All US hosting services are sold along with our free–of–charge Hosting Control Panel. It is designed to help make daily hosting actions simple & uncomplicated. Plus, it is stuffed with a bunch of complimentary and incredibly useful tools and bonuses that can help you boost your site.